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Quality today is not just the voluntary choice but demand from aware and vigilant patients and their family. Considering its implications on our service consumers, we at DRCPC firmly believe that quality is “NOT” just the documentation maintenance or manuals & guidelines preparation to add just aesthetic value to the laboratory library.We believe quality comes from what we truly believe in. Rest all is just the outcome of what we have inside our head and heart. We have strongly laid our foundation with the belief that good clinical practices and updated latest good laboratory practices are to be never compromised, at any point of service delivery. They are just not required for patient safety and satisfaction, but to maintain the safe and healthy environment, for the healthcare worker serving the patients. Thus, at DRCPC, we feel pride to adhere strictly to best clinical & laboratory practices and stringent quality norms.

We are committed to imbibe quality in all our processes and procedures from the first-hour of day-one of our inception. This is possible due to our committed, well-trained and dedicated laboratory staff under the dynamic leadership of the owners who have 15 years of experience in running the accredited laboratory and experienced in maintaining its processes & procedures from the scratch level.

We believe not in just rote follower of “Quality Standards” but our systems are firmly infused with thebelief in quality and safety in each & every aspect of our transaction with the patient.